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Sunda Kelapa: Old Jakarta harborDistortionthe market at the corner of the street - black & white versionthe market at the corner of the street -colorBack from Shanghai. The 'bund' at nightFall somewhere in JapanDissolving...Fire of loveBecause i am worth of it !Cerveza y azulejosOh! move paparazzi !Motion !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Is that true!Another working day!A corner of blue skyWhen the rain dissolves the colorsWaoooooooooo!Like a red air ballonThree windows on PrahaVertige en bleu et jaune.April in Paris...The simple life in Xitang - ChinaEnjoying a chinese dinner!Waiting for the parade - Hutong BeijingThe white DAGOBA in the Beihai park in BeijingNothing moves!"holga" styleFrom Russia with... a picture !Out of AfricaNotre-Dame ParisThe race on the seine riverForteresse imprenablePARIS: making siesta by the river SeineSur la route du MissouriA vanishing city (?)Colors of the nightLe festin - The feastYou know what? It leans!Ukrainian landscapeFull color washing dayThe proudness of the street artist.L'anneau  - The ringThe passage

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