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Give me a seat!Simple living in Shangha├»Making of a chinese 'cloison├ę' near Beijing in 1995 .- Nikon F801 - Fuji RealaSo proud...Hello Beijing!Night shoppingVie de rueQuick lunch : pitstop : Shanghai.The lessonDavid and GoliathShopping at night:arranged well!Refundation : Shanghai : ChinaBeijing 2011:  The man in red and blue reading a newspaper.Everyone is laughingAnomalieVERTIGO - Inside Jinmao tower Shanghai"Yep! For this New Year I should try this color!" Happy New Year.The man and the machineMaking money quietly! (Shanghai two weeks ago).Beijing 2011: at the cornerBEIJINg 2011: The lady is waiting when men are drinking!BEIJING 2011: Easy life in Beijing's hutong.Alone in a street of Shanghai.the market at the corner of the street - black & white versionthe market at the corner of the street -colorBack from Shanghai. The 'bund' at nightWhen the rain dissolves the colorsLike a red air ballonThe simple life in Xitang - ChinaEnjoying a chinese dinner!Waiting for the parade - Hutong BeijingThe white DAGOBA in the Beihai park in BeijingColors of the nightL'anneau  - The ringJust do it!HivernaleNight bundThe doorBack from schoolGO ahead !Long and narrowXitang the water citySleeping over the city.Red and YellowForbidden deamons

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