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Shopping: Tianjin 2009Hello Beijing!Night shoppingThe little girl a the shrine: KanchipuramBirds!Refundation : Shanghai : ChinaVenise:2006The Indian tailor. A tailor in a street of Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India.Anomalie"Yep! For this New Year I should try this color!" Happy New Year.ShoppingThe phone call (a walk in India)Walk in IndiaBEIJING: Forbidden City - Imperial Palace2007: India - Sunny sunny day in KanchipuramSunda Kelapa: Old Jakarta harborWhen the rain dissolves the colorsThe simple life in Xitang - ChinaNotre-Dame ParisA vanishing city (?)Colors of the nightFull color washing dayThe proudness of the street artist.ROUGE!A venitian night.Just do it!HivernaleNight bundThe doorBack from schoolXitang the water citySleeping over the city.In the lens (take two).In the lensThe grasshopperRed and YellowForbidden deamonsForbidden reflectionsAt the end of the road...At the end of the BundTwo friendsStreet life in Emei Road ShanghaiVers  l'autre riveIndonesian smilesStreet lifeEmei road Shanghai

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